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About Garth

Garth believes that everyone has a unique story to tell, and throughout his entire career, he has helped individuals bring that story to life. Garth's approach is warm and engaging, making him a natural conversationalist and thought-provoking empath.

Garth's career has been shaped by his love of communication and his desire to help people understand themselves and each other better. In his years of support people to tell their story, Garth has truly done it all.

He has worked as a radio broadcaster and breakfast show host, honing his skills in interviewing and facilitating conversations. In 2019, he co-founded Wellbeings and Co with his wife, Susie, where he has served as a facilitator and coach to guide individuals towards their healthiest, happiest selves.

Additionally, he has served as the managing director of Gen-Wise, where he has helped people enhance their understanding of themselves and each other, enabling them to work together more productively.

As a highly motivated coach and mentor, Garth is committed to bringing about positive change in individuals and organisations.


He is a results-focused influencer who is passionate about connecting customers and employee experiences, supporting growth and elevating brand awareness. He is driven to raise levels of empathy and understanding in the workplace, providing well-honed strategies to expand listening, storytelling, and connecting skills.

With over 30 years of proven experience in media presentation, Garth has a strong ability to engage and focus on the individual. He combines this with a proven record of understanding and support to achieve the desired outcomes of teams and organisations.

Through his business, Garth is offering MC services for corporate events and supporting individuals and families to capture their life stories and create their legacy through meaningful storytelling.


He is a conduit for family connection, helping families understand themselves better and celebrate their lives through the telling of their stories.

Hear Garth's Story


“I worked with Garth many years ago at the ABC. I always admired his passion, open and caring communication style and his ability to 'hold the room', whether that was on live radio or in front of a crowd. When I wanted additional support to up-level my media interview and presentation skills, I knew exactly who to call. Garth has been able to not only build my public speaking skills but improve my confidence and most importantly my mindset. unlike other coaches or trainers, Garth just didn't recite media and presentation tips and tricks, he dug deep to understand where I needed development, what was holding me back and supported me to grow in these areas.” -

-  Angie Francisco

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