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A life recording

If you don't tell your story, who will?

Peter Glennie, A Life Recording Excerpt

Garth believes that telling your story is a gift not only to yourself and those around you, but also for future generations.

When a family loses one of its leaders, generations of knowledge can be lost. By telling your story, you can ensure that your loved ones, family members, business partners, and those you're yet to meet understand who you are and why you do what you do.

Garth Russell is a skilled storyteller and conversationalist who helps families create lasting memories.


If you're at a stage in life where you're reflecting on your accomplishments, proud moments, and legacy, then Garth can help you preserve your life story in your own words.

Now is the time to tell your story.

Imagine your children and your children's children holding onto those stories of where their family came from and what life was like back in the day.


Your family of the future are the real beneficiaries of you telling your story.

Garth is passionate about helping families create lasting memories and will work with you to ensure that your story is told in your own unique way.


How it works.

Garth makes the process of telling your story as easy and enjoyable as possible. You'll pick a quiet and private space for the filming, and Garth will send you a list of sample questions and topics. He will also obtain background knowledge before the day of filming and follow up with a phone call a few days before filming.

The filming process will take around three hours from arrival to wrap up. Garth will be there with you the entire time, with his cameraman and two cameras. Family members are welcome, but due to the nature of the interview, it works best without an audience in the room.

When you tell your story to Garth, you'll be speaking to a true media professional and talented conversationalist.


Garth is genuinely interested in your view of the world and will help you share your message with the people in your life who really matter to you. You'll laugh, you may cry, and at the end of the day, you'll look back on the experience as an important one.




"The experience was very enjoyable and will certainly mean that our descendants won't have the feelings of dismay at not being able to work out what their forebearer's life was like, the times we grew up in and the experiences we have had. I thoroughly commend Garth's professionalism and excellence in the way he is able to offer this unique but much appreciated opportunity. I know a number of my business colleagues and friends have availed themselves of his services and have been similarly delighted."

- Hilton Grugeon AM


Audio-only Life Recording


Introducing A New Take on ‘A Life Recording’: Preserving Legacies through Audio-Only Storytelling.


Garth is thrilled to offer a simple, intimate, and personalised alternative version of ‘A Life Recording’ interview sessions, in the form of a captivating audio-only private podcast.

Imagine an intimate and relaxed environment, free from the pressures of being on screen, allowing your thoughts to flow as Garth skillfully guides you through questions that bring forth cherished memories and life experiences your family will treasure forever.

your narrative, emotions, and experiences.

A loved one's voice is a precious reminder, a heartfelt connection that can transcend time.


How much would it mean to you, to hear the voice of a departed loved one after years of silence.


A Life Recording's audio-only format not only preserves the essence of your story but also makes it a budget-friendly option. By stripping back to basics, we focus on what truly matters; your narrative, emotions and experiences.

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Just like your favorite podcast, you can listen to your life story anywhere and anytime. It's easy to store and share, ensuring that your legacy reaches the hearts of those you cherish.


Whether it's in person or online, distance is no barrier to the connection you'll experience. Garth's expertise ensures that your interview will sound as if it was recorded in the same room, radiating warmth and authenticity.


The experience of reflecting on your life and sharing your story can be one of the most profound experiences of your life.

You're free to use your video however you want, as a personal legacy for family and friends, a public legacy for your community or workplace, as an induction tool in your business, or as a tool to advertise your business and brand.

Don't wait until it's too late, tell your story with Garth today.
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