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feel heard and understood.

A conduit for human connection, AND A CONVERSATIONAL SOUL, garth specialises in:

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a life

Over the years, Garth has made the process of sharing stories not only an enjoyable experience, but a rewarding one that allows individuals to truly reflect on their life, tell their story and ensure their legacy lives on for generations to come.


Media & presentation training

When you have the opportunity to share your story or speak to an audience, do you always feel like you get it right?

Garth offers valuable and results-driven presentation and media training to support you to feel confident and comfortable in front of a crowd.



Being a successful radio broadcaster, actor and presenter, Garth can entertain and engage a crowd of any size and make up.

With more than 40 years experience with engaging a crowd, Garth is the missing piece from your next event.


so, who is Garth?

For more than 40 years, Garth has been supporting people to tell their stories in a way that champions empathy and resilience.

Through interviews, mentoring and speaking events, Garth is a conduit for human connection. 

Garth believes that everyone has a unique story to tell, and throughout his entire career, he has helped individuals bring that story to life. Garth's approach is warm and engaging, making him a natural conversationalist and thought-provoking empath.

Garth's career has been shaped by his love of communication and his desire to help people of Australia understand themselves and each other better. In his years of support people to tell their story, Garth has truly done it all.


"The experience was very enjoyable and will certainly mean that our descendants won't have the feelings of dismay at not being able to work out what their forebearer's life was like, the times we grew up in and the experiences we have had. I thoroughly commend Garth's professionalism and excellence in the way he is able to offer this unique but much appreciated opportunity. I know a number of my business colleagues and friends have availed themselves of his services and have been similarly delighted."

- Hilton Grugeon AM

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